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Your CHS School Experience

I Belong

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming school. This is particularly helpful if you are a new pupil as you will be greeted warmly and every effort will be made to help you settle in as quickly as possible. Our school community is used to welcoming new pupils, therefore, we know that you will not feel new for very long. In fact, new pupils are always surprised at how quickly they settle in and feel as if they have always belonged at Castlederg High School.

I have a Voice


As a pupil of Castlederg High School your views are important to us. You will be encouraged to speak to staff about issues of concern to you, or your peers.  This can be done on an individual basis, or through the Students’ Council, which gives you an opportunity to have your say on how your school could be developed.

I am Supported

Castlederg High School is well known for its caring approach towards every pupil. We will get to know YOU quickly and do everything possible to help you be the best you can be in every aspect of school life – in the classroom, on the sports’ field and beyond. 

I am Responsible

At Castlederg High School we will expect you to show good behaviour and to work hard at all times. In return, you will be in a positive, happy school environment where you feel safe and can achieve. You will develop qualities and skills that will be important for your future like respect, responsibility and reliability.

I Achieve

Your teachers will work with you, and your parents, to make sure that you reach the highest standards, possible for you, in your learning. In fact, many of our pupils get exam results at GCSE and A level that they could never have dreamed of.  You could achieve greater success then you ever imagined, with us too!

I am Rewarded

The greatest reward for working hard and participating fully in school life will, of course, be your own personal satisfaction of achievement.  However, your motivation will also be encouraged through the House System which offers reward for effort and achievement.


The House System at Castlederg High School consists of three houses:

  • Derg – Blue

  • Mourne – Yellow

  • Strule – Red


It aims to reflect the balance between your academic, sporting and social experiences in school.  On starting CHS you will be allocated to a house and given a coloured house badge to identify you with that house. You can then gain points for your house through the school extra-curricular activities, house sport competitions, achievements inside and outside school as well as positive behaviour.  All points go towards a total and at the end of the year the house with the highest total wins the House Cup as well being rewarded with a house trip or activity day. This year all senior pupils in Derg went to Todds Leap and junior pupils from Derg took part in a Full Swing Entertainment day.


Being part of a house has other benefits. You will feel part of the community of pupils who belong to your house, either Derg, Mourne or Strule. This helps to further strengthen the good relationships and sense of belonging that our pupils enjoy in school. Each house has a Junior and Senior House Captain and a Junior and Senior Vice Captain so you will also have the opportunity to be considered for these positions of responsibility, should you wish to do so.

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