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Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance



KS3 Employability

Employability is taught across year 8 and 9 at KS3 in one period per week.   Pupils are encouraged to develop thinking and personal capabilities in relation to employability and the world of work.  Pupils will practise and refine individual skills and specific techniques through problem solving tasks and have opportunities to discuss and demonstrate solutions to problems. 

Year 8

  • Local and Global Economy

  • Career Management

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

  • Skills and Capabilities of work


Year 9:

  • Working in the Local and Global Economy

  • The European Union

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

  • Career Management

  • Individual Learning Styles




Careers Education

All pupils in KS4 & KS5 receive one period of taught Careers.  Careers builds upon the work already completed through the Employability programme in Years 8 and 9.  It allows pupils to develop their personal career planning skills.


Year 10:

  • Continued focus on Preferred Learning Styles

  • Development of Skills & Qualities

  • Experiences of Work (Sentinus)

  • Options Process – research into subjects and associated career pathways

  • GCSE/BTEC Subject Choice

  • STEM Careers


Year 11:

  • Review of KS3 and expectations of KS4

  • Labour Market Information

  • Changing Career Opportunities in N.Ireland

  • Employment Rights

  • Health & Safety at Work

  • Work Experience Planning and Preparation (last week in June)

  • Use of Higher Ideas Software


Year 12:

  • Evaluation of Work Experience Placement

  • Personal Career Planning

  • Recruitment and Selection: application forms, CVs, interviews

  • Interview Skills Day

  • Applications for college, employment, training organisations and Sixth Form

  • Post-16 Options  - A Level/BTEC subject choices


Sixth Form

  • Career Guidance interviews

  • Use of higher Ideas Software

  • Optional Work Experience Placement (end of Year 13)

  • UCAS / CAO planning and application

  • Mock Interview Practice

  • Post-18 Options

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