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Castlederg High School values each pupil as a unique individual endowed with abilities, both academic and non-academic.  The ideal to which we aspire is to develop the confidence and self-esteem of the pupils so that they are motivated to achieve their highest potential within a safe and caring environment.  An understanding of the world and the place of humanity in it will be offered in the context of belief in Christian values whilst respect for other beliefs or none will be fostered.

Core Values


Castlederg High School aims to foster the following core values for all:

  • a strong sense of loyalty to the school and its goals;

  • positive, caring relationships through an effective pastoral care system;

  • a sense of belonging to the school community;

  • a sense of confidence and self-esteem;

  • freedom to express views;

  • respect for others, their views and their property;

  • high expectation of attendance, behaviour and attainment;

  • high quality learning and teaching;

  • self-evaluation in the pursuit of improvement to achieve quality provision;

  • communication among all members of the school community;

  • promotion of the high reputation of the school in the community;

  • an attractive and stimulating school environment;

  • promotion of mutual dignity and respect - promoting a dignified workplace.


The primary aim of Castlederg High School is to provide a well-ordered and caring environment in which all members of the school community can work cooperatively in the pursuit of all aspects of educational excellence.

As a school we aim to:


  • create a secure environment which nurtures a strong sense of ownership and belonging;

  • operate an integrated and accessible pastoral care system;

  • optimize self-esteem and confidence;

  • promote a culture where views are openly expressed and respected;

  • foster respect for all property and the environment within school and the wider community;

  • instil high expectations of attendance and behaviour;

  • maximise all pupils’ achievements through effective teaching and learning;

  • provide a programme of extra-curricular activities;

  • promote a culture of self-evaluation;

  • develop and maintain positive relationships within the school and the local and global community;

  • maintain open channels of communication within the school community;

  • promote physical dignity and respect;

  • foster moral and spiritual development in the pupils.

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