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Learning Support

Dyslexic Friendly School

All staff provide a Dyslexic Friendly Classroom by using various strategies in their teaching to ensure learning takes place for all pupils. These strategies help remove barriers to learning for all pupils so that they are working to the best of their ability across the curriculum.

Literacy and Numeracy Support

We have Literacy and Numeracy after school clubs administered in partnership with the Literacy/Numeracy Co-ordinators. Furthermore if necessary   pupils can receive individual support  in these areas  for a period of time if necessary.

Reading Partnership

We offer Reading Partnership within school, which is one to one reading support with a Learning Support Assistant for one period per week throughout the school year.

In Class Support

Where appropriate, pupils are supported in their learning through in class support  provided by our highly committed Learning Support Assistants. This is provided in a discrete manner  to ensure inclusion for all pupils.


All teachers will differentiate work for individual pupils were necessary within their streamed classes.

Achievement for all pupils is actively promoted in Castlederg High School according to the ethos of inclusion. We do this by providing additional support to those pupils who require it, to ensure they too reach their full potential across all subject areas.  Our staff strive to ensure that all pupils have a positive learning experience in all aspects of school life.

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