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Learning & Teaching

At Castlederg High School, we aim to provide high standards of learning and teaching for all pupils.  It is an environment in which we place a strong emphasis on nurturing each pupil’s motivation to learn. We offer pupils a wide range of quality learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, that promote:

  • enjoyment in learning

  • academic achievement

  • personal, social, and emotional development

  • independent learning

  • access to pathways for the future.


Our Learning and Teaching Policy aims:

  • to recognise that each pupil’s potential should be developed as fully as possible in relation to his/her ability;

  • to provide an appropriate curriculum for all our pupils, thus allowing all pupils to make progress in their learning;

  • to ensure a stimulating, well-resourced learning environment which encourages pupils to learn;

  • to promote a common approach to teaching strategies which enhances the learning process of the pupils;

  • to develop the skills and capabilities which are at the heart of the Northern Ireland Curriculum;

  • to help young people become more responsible for their own learning and provide them with the skills to become lifelong learners;

  • to provide opportunities for teachers to develop their approaches to teaching and learning by sharing good practice and through training programmes.


Homework is viewed to be an essential activity in school in order to assist our pupils in achieving their potential. As such all departments regularly set meaningful and purposeful homework to further develop the pupils understanding of what has been taught in the classroom.

To further the success of this we request a strong commitment from parents to support their child in this. We ask for weekly signing of the Pupil Organiser so that you are fully updated on the homework’s required and the regularity of their completion. We also ask that you ensure your child is spending a sufficient amount of time on the completion of homework.

We recommend the following:

  • Pupils at Key Stage 3 are expected to spend an average of 1.30/ 2hrs on the completion of homework

  • While those at Key Stage 4 and 5 should be spending 3 hours an evening.


We have in school various facilities to help each child with the completion of homework such as Homework Club which is available on both Monday and Wednesday from 3.15pm until 4.15pm, fully resourced and teacher supervised.

To ensure your child completes homework to the best of their ability we recommend a designated area at home for them to complete homework free from other distractions and interruptions.

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